Loyalty & Rewards Platform for Customer-Centric Companies

Create rewarding experiences. Retain your customer expectations.

Extend your customer lifetime value with Retyn Loyalty & Rewards Platform. Uniquely crafted reward programs let you engage and retain your loyal customers with real-time and personalized rewards. This standalone loyalty solution can deliver seamless experience across all digital touchpoints.

Seamless engagement with endless possibilities for everyone

Bring everyone in your business closer together—customers, employees, and stakeholders—with personalized rewards and loyalty programs. Recognize their efforts with rewards, perks, incentives, and payouts.

Maximize customer retention with customer-centric reward programs

The highly customizable and endlessly scalable rewards and loyalty programs are designed to boost your customer loyalty and retention rates. Each program is tailored to meet the goals and needs of your business.





Digital Wallets


CRM Profiling

Loyalty cards



The fully customizable loyalty solution tailored to fit your needs

Create fully personalized loyalty programs with preset templates, gamification modules, and payout architecture on a scalable loyalty engine.

Design fitting loyalty programs to boost your customer and employee retention rates