By rtnadmin, 6 February, 2023

Coalition Loyalty Program

Coalition or shared loyalty programs bring together numerous brands in a partnership. This lets customers enjoy various benefits and incentives since they can earn points through all participating brands and redeem these points at a different participating brand of their choice.

Coalition loyalty

Features and benefits

As much as designing and implementing a loyalty program, it is essential to create opportunities for customers to interact with the brand and build loyalty thus far.

More footfall and dwell time

More footfall and dwell time

With multiple brands coming together and numerous offers, customers get more time to interact with their peers, explore stores and earn points and redeem their coupons or benefits anytime and anywhere.

Customer identification

Customer identification

Through various data retrieved from malls, airports, and multi-brand retail outlets, customer data can easily be retrieved through which customer identification and its subsequent personalization can be done easily and rewarded seamlessly.

Easy enrollment

Easy enrollment

Through card linking, receipt scanning, or cloud printing, the number of loyalty program members can be increased quickly and easily.

Coalition loyalty examples

Cross-brand reward collection and redemption can be made possible by allowing customers to collect and spend points in real-time and thus maximizing customer experience. To manage the process, cashiers could be given access to the coalition loyalty hub or the tenant POS (Point of Sale) terminal could be altered to handle loyalty data.

The program is ideal for shopping malls, brand outlet centers, and airports.

Coalition rewards

How can the coalition loyalty program benefit your business?

For brands under one roof, the coalition loyalty program is a one-stop where various brands can create a loyalty experience for customers under every category.

Cross-Brand Promotions

Cross-brand promotions

With coalition loyalty programs, creating campaigns involving multiple stores or brands is made easy. For example, at a clothing store, if a customer is given a coupon to shop at footwear or an accessory store, it doubles up the opportunity to increase footfalls and purchases at different stores leading to spending more quality time at the mall premises.

Global Customer Management

Global customer management

A unified enrollment system emphasizing membership benefits and cross-brand offers could win you guest customers who are key revenue drivers in malls and airports. The coalition program makes this possible with a single customer view and frequent updates after each interaction no matter from which part of the world it is done.

Benefits for Customers, Tenants, and Program Owners Alike

Benefits for customers, tenants, and program owners alike

A coalition loyalty program is a hierarchic system that equally benefits customers, tenants, and program owners. The program offers increased wallet share for program owners, more customer insights for tenants, surprise and delight factors for customers, and several other perks depending upon how the program is implemented.

Learn how to get your customers engaged across brands and stores with the coalition loyalty program